We Specialize in Mobile Development

Time is passing very fast and very soon, the computers which we are using today will be the story of the past. The use of mobile internet is increasing day by day. For businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to expand whereas for other people, this is a first-rate chance to get new applications and earn. The question is how to launch an application when one doesn't know how to develop it? This is where our role starts. We will help you in designing, developing of the application and launching it to the appropriate platform (e.g. Apple Shop, Android Market etc). The process will be completed with your consultation on every step so that when completed, the application will exactly look and works according to the specifications given by you.

Our Valueable Services

iPhone Mobile Development

If you are interested in launching an iPhone or iPad applications, we are the best choice for you. Our experts will develop, design and launch a perfect application as desired by you. Contact us for the best piece of work.

Android Mobile Development

If you want promote your mobile application using Google's platform then Android is the option. Our team will do a perfect job as per your specifications and your dream of becoming a part of the Android family will come true.

Windows Mobile Development

Don't think that we are confined to Apple and Android applications only. You will find Jeem Solutions equally good when we talks about Windows Applications as well. Our dedicated team has diverse expertise in making all kinds of applications.

BlackBerry Mobile Development

Despite the fame of Apple and Android, Blackberry is still a choice of a large chunk of users worldwide so we cannot rule out the importance of Blackberry Applications that's why we have experts for this as well.


It was a great experience in dealing with Jeem Solutions. I was really amazed with their quality of services, on time and perfect completion of my project. I am also very much impressed with the courteous behavior of their team members and their well coordinated efforts. Allan, USA
I would recommend Jeem Solutions to everybody who is interested in I.T projects. It is very different from all the aspects. The respect and services which i received from them as a client was far from my imaginations. Hats off to Jeem Solutions Team. Daniel, UK